Revolution in world of sport
CrossFit – generally as sport branch is very unique, because this is the complex system for preparation of physically and mentally perfect people. The great body, weight losing, precise coordination, power, flexibleness and perfect vascular system – there is minimum what you receive from CrossFit.
Революция в мире спорта
CF Military project presents more unique program of daily trainings, which contents both classical CrossFit and effective exercises from the elite military training system. Do you need the prognosed and reachable result? Than come to us! Ever only high intensive, interesting, very dynamical and always different WODs (workout of the day)as in the gym, so as outside. Our program is universal and suits for beginners and advanced athletes, independent on physical condition level, age and gender.
During only one WOD we work at all muscle groups, train the vascular system and burn approximately 700 kcal, improving same time 5 most important skills.
  • Power
    Exercises with barbell, dumbbells, squats, lifting, press – all these increase your power and burn the fat.
  • Stamina
    Circular training force your body to work on maximum and give the best of possible results.
  • Speed
    Power and cardio training same time (2 in 1) increase the power and reaction speed.
  • Coordination
    Burpees, box jumps, walking on hands, gymnastic rings etc – give you skill of body control.
  • Flexibleness
    Obligate dynamic warm-up, stretching and cold down help to feel more flexibleness with each day.
What we give:
  • Healths as lifestyle
    Healths as lifestyle
  • Fit body
    Fit body
  • Confidence
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Have you ever tried CrossFit? Do you doubt?
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That is not the same like routine fitness. Every day WODs and surprise workouts make us excited. It is incredible to see, how your body changing every day and going better and better, how your health improving and the level of your physical condition increases. What is most important thing – all this we have in very friendly, like family atmosphere. Fitness gym with advanced level of comfort CF Military – is absolute leader of all gyms in Antalya. CF Military is evolution of your body.
Melike Çevik:
The most important fact, why I decided for CF Military, that the owner of the gym (and the main couch) Ulvi Çobanoğlu is the commander of the armed forces in retirement. The discipline of army and knowledges were a guarantee of our professional success. This guy helped me to overcome my difficult way. All my friends are very satisficed with the team of couches with Ulvi as a commander in CF Military. Ulvi, success and prosperity to you and your team!
Murat Koksalan
The gym self is not so important. What it important – the couch and his way to handle and motivate you. That’s why I decided for CF Military!
Saadet Caylak
  • Aboniment:
  • 1 month – 300 TL
  • 3 mounths – 700 TL
  • 6 months – 1 000 TL
  • 1 year – 1 800 TL (150 TL/ month)